2023-2024 Club Recruitment Policies

Here is the full set of Recruitment Policies. The below menu highlights some key parts but please be sure to familiarize yourself with them in their entirety. 

  • Spring 2024 Timeline

    January 13-18     Clubs will update their individual applications

    Office Hours with Wharton Council & Penn Labs will be available by request (by emailing alyssams@wharton.upenn.edu)

    January 18     First day of classes

    January 19     Wharton Clubbing Fair

    January 19     Centralized Application will open

    January 27-28     SAC fair

    February 2     Centralized Application deadline

    February 19     All interview notifications/acceptances/rejections must be sent out through Penn Clubs

  • Inclusivity

    We want to promote a welcoming co-curricular environment for everyone at Wharton, and this should include study abroad/foreign exchange students

    Foreign exchange students must be able to join club committees or GBM engagement programs that match their program time interval, allowing them to explore their interests while also providing a community for them to make friends. They will be counted as full members of the club for all purporses.

    ● For clubs who recruit students for a yearly commitment, there will be a field on the Penn Club's Centralized Application to let clubs know if students are studying abroad/foreign exchange students.

  • Transparency and Communication Expectations

    ● Descriptions of all club positions (committee, board, etc.) will be available for new students. This information will be shared during information sessions, to the club listserv and through the E-Booklet. Clubs will be responsible for updating this information every semester.

    ● Clubs will provide examples of questions ahead of time to give applicants a general understanding of the club's expectations for interviews. These questions should be provided at the club's information session(s) at the beginning of the recruiting semester, and to the entire club listserv for those who did not attend.

    ● Clubs will provide an outline of their recruitment process to be included in the e-booklet.

    ● Clubs will outline and communicate all ways to get involved (i.e. general body, committee, executive board) in the E-Booklet, at their info sessions, GBMS, etc. Clubs will communicate important Club Recruitment-related messages to club constituents using preferred communication methods.

  • GBM Engagement Program

    The GBM engagement program is meant to provide students with opportunities to meaningfully participate in club activities, acquire hands-on experience with various topics/industries, and form connections between passionate students and clubs to create the most impactful experience for students on campus. All clubs with an acceptance rate of smaller than a 100% are required to maintain such a program.

    Please consult the "GBM Engagement Policies" tab under "For Clubs" for a full breakdown of our policies.

    ● Clubs will not be included on the centralized application without satisfying the requirements outlined in that section.

  • Information Sessions

    ● Clubs may accept applications only after the club has hosted at least one info session (before the application closes on Sunday, September 17th, 2023).

    ● Clubs will hold at least one information session during the fall semester and will be required to make the information presented available to the entire club listserv. However, we highly encourage clubs to host two information sessions to allow as many students to attend as possible.

  • Written Applications

    ● All written applications have to be submitted through the centralized platform made by Penn Labs

    ● Clubs will be prohibited from requesting resumes. A list of past activities is permitted.

    Students are permitted to apply to 2 committees per club

    ● Each Club will be able to ask Club Specific Questions Clubs and can decide on how to break down the 500-word limit into questions.

    Exceptions to the 500-word limit that will only be available on a case-by-case basis for larger clubs with numerous subcommittees who have responded to our soliciting requests.

    If your club would like to have an exception, please send us a paragraph about the limitations you encountered as well as the number of committees; the total number of club members (GBMers and board members) broken down by school year, and the number of positions you recruited for in the prior two semesters. This request must be made prior to the start of the semester. Thus, for Fall 2023 Club Recruitment, clubs must have applied for an exception via responding to our email in Spring 2023 in order to be granted an exception for the fall semester.

    ● For every round of the application, club acceptance and rejection emails must be sent through the Penn Labs system within 2 weeks of the application deadline.

  • Interviews

    Students are encouraged to notify Wharton Council when experiencing any violations of the following rules by filling out this form.

    ● Clubs will be prohibited from requesting resumes. A list of past activities is permitted.

    ● Clubs will be allowed a maximum of two rounds of interviews per applicant during the recruitment process. There will be no group case interviews.

    ● Clubs may not ask any "networking" questions in relation to asking if the applicant is related to anyone of interest, knows anyone specific in the industry, or can bring someone to the club through his or her connections

    ● Brainteasers will be prohibited during the interview process

    All interview questions must be standardized for each candidate to avoid bias

    Case Interviews

    ● Wharton Council will provide a general guideline for students to prepare for behavioral and technical club interviews

    ● Wharton Council strongly encourages club leaders to host case workshops for students as preparation for their club's recruiting process. Clubs may also co-host a workshop with another club that shares a similar recruitment process.

  • Acceptance and Rejection Emails

    Students are encouraged to notify Wharton Council when experiencing any violations of the following rules by filling out this form.

    ● For every round of the application, club acceptance and rejection emails must be sent through the Penn Labs system within 2 weeks of the application deadline. This will also mark the status of each applicant in the system. This is meant to automate the work for club leaders, as we know rejection emails can be a time-consuming aspect of the process. It will also ensure that all students are notified of decisions as clubs have failed to do so in the past.

    ● Every rejection email sent to applicants must include non-applicant opportunities within the respective club. Non-applicant opportunities are considered ways to be involved in other capacities without an application process (As per the GBM Engagement policies, applicants must be notified of GBM opportunities available within the club).

    ● Rejection emails must be personalized. Clubs must send personalized rejections from the first round before conducting final round interviews (if applicable).

  • Opt-In Second Deadline (Fall Semesters Only)

    ● For clubs still looking to expand and recruit more members past the first deadline, whether there are new positions or they did not receive enough applications in the first round, they can still do this with an opt-in second deadline where there is a higher chance of students applying to their respective club.

    ● Opt-in Second Deadline: October 2nd, 2023

    ● Clubs will have to opt-in to participate. Clubs that also have rolling-open admissions throughout the semester such as some affinity groups, will be included.