Meet the Council

We're students all four class years with diverse backgrounds and interests. Our shared  passion for the Wharton community is what brings the Council family together.


Class of 2023

Matthew Bolbolian

Diamond Bar, CA
Involvements: Social Impact Practice, JWS
Interests: Visiting museums, hiking through nature, discovering new music, dancing

Chin Chin Choi

Wesley Chapel, FL
Involvements: Wharton JSAB, NHCM
Interests: Reading, composing music, watching anime, hanging out with friends

Kathryn Lord

Kingston, Jamaica
Involvements: The Inspiration A Capella, BWUA & CASA
Interests:  Singing & songwriting, lifting, trying new recipes, re-watching feel good shows

Pedro Saltos

Quito, Ecuador
Involvements: PEVC, Wharton Latino, JWS
Interests:  Playing the guitar, tennis, dirt-bikes, ping-pong, reading, spending time with family and friends.

Aubrey Schafer

Denver, CO
Involvements: Wharton leadership ventures, Wharton Undergraduate Founders & Funders Association, Greek life, Huntsman program
Interests: Hiking, running, finding new coffee shops, reading, traveling, learning languages

Max Stravitz

Fairfax, VA
Involvements: WPTP, Men's Club Basketball Team
Interests: Playing pickup basketball, nonfiction reading, eating

Class of 2024

Neharika Jain

San Jose, CA
Involvements: Penn Appetit 
Interests: Ceramics, tennis, travel, fashion, social justice

Michael Lentskevich

Minsk, Belarus
Involvements: WBLA, Stimulus Children’s theater, Stouffer RA
Interests: Hiking, exploring caves, technical theater, reading fiction

Adrian Massuet

Chester, NJ
Involvements: WUREC, WEM, IBR, Cuban American Student Association
Interests: International development, sports, history

Abishek Ravindran

Westbury, NY
Involvements: MUSE Consulting, International Business Review, Wharton Undergraduate Research Board
Interests: Startups, poker, travel

John Saldana

East Hampton, NY
Involvements: Venture Lab, Wharton Latino
Interests: Music, travel, startups, and finding the best thrift stores

Natalie Schnitzer

New York, NY
Involvements: Wharton Women and Francophone Community Partnership
Interests: Writing, reading, baking, tennis

Ashley Song

Clarksville, TN
Involvements: PIIC, Wharton Ambassadors, Cohorts, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Greek life
Interests: Exploring Philadelphia, spending time with friends and family, reading about current events, and traveling

Ziyan Wu

Hangzhou, China
Involvements: Penn Innovators, PAIR, ASAM Fellows, WUFFA
Interests: Watching Runningman, playing volleyball, boxing, eating brunch!

Class of 2025

Pranavi Agrawal

Indore, India
Involvements: Penn Climate Ventures, WUEC, Venture Lab
Interests: Dancing, fashion, photography, spending time with friends and family

James Blanco

Wayne, NJ
Involvements: MUSE, Penn Venture Group, Wharton Management, Wharton Retail
Interests: Spending time with family, traveling, soccer, fashion design, watching movies

Avery Ciatto

Radnor, PA
Involvements: WUEC, MUSE, Women's Club Lacrosse, PennQuest
Interests: Lacrosse, yoga, running, baking, exploring the city

Margaux Dacremont-Kobouloff

Cannes, France
Involvements: The French Society, WUREC, Penn M&A, Wharton Europe, Rotaract, AFROTC
Interests: Traveling, photography, baking croissants, golf, poker/pool

Elizabeth Dubov

Hoboken, NJ
Involvements: Wharton Women, WUFFA, Cohorts, Phi Chi Theta, Penn Venture Group
Interests: Malcolm Gladwell books, swimming, chess, traveling

Sriya Koganti

Avon, IN
Involvements: PennRaas Dance Team, SFCU, PennSEM, Wharton Women
Interests: Henna art, traveling & exploring Philadelphia

Justin Silver

New York City, NY
Involvements: WUSBC
Interests: Music, food, traveling, spending time with family and friends, sports

Oliver Zhang

Castro Valley, CA
Involvements: PEVC, WITG, MUSE Consulting, Venture Lab, CSA Cultural Show
Interests: Sports, food and cooking, hiking, exploring new things, traveling

Class of 2026

Neel Jain

Portland, Oregon
Involvements: The ESG Initiative, PennSEM, Venture Lab
Interests: Soccer, nature, startups, spending time with family & friends

Olivia Turman

Barboursville, WV
Involvements: WUEC, Wharton Women, KCECH House Council
Interests: Hiking, traveling, roller coasters

Shreya Krishnan

Colorado Springs, CO
Involvements: Counterparts A Cappella, MUSE Social Impact, Wharton Women
Interests: Singing, dancing, playing piano, painting, baking, photography, sunset walks

Mariam Natroshvili

Tbilisi, Georgia
Involvements: WUFC, PEVC, WUFFA
Interests: Reading, Watching movies, Traveling, swimming, and Baking

James Ward

San Diego, CA
Involvements: Penn Club Rugby, WUHC, WUFFA, BWC, PennSEM
Interests: Entrepreneurship, healthcare, basketball, exploring new places

Yiru Ma

Tuscon, AZ
Involvements: CSA Board, Phi Chi Theta, WUPP
Interests: Journaling, karaoke, Marvel, fashion, thrifting!

Alyssa Shah

New York City, NY
Involvements: Wharton Women, PennSEM, Undergraduate Research, PEVC Academy
Interests: Traveling, volleyball, baking, long walks, music, watching medical shows

Prableen Kaur

Roslyn Heights, NY 
Involvements: GRC, Snider Consulting, WUHC, WUEC, PVG, LSM program
Interests: Playing tennis, exploring the Philly food scene, taking long drives