A Letter from our Co-Chairs

Dear Wharton Community,

If you ask any Wharton Council member for their favorite aspect of Wharton, the most likely response is quite simple: the people. That is why we exist—we are all about the people. Our mission is to bring the Wharton community together and foster a more rewarding co-curricular experience for every Wharton undergraduate. Each member of the Wharton Council has a passion for improving student life, and we are dedicated to making your Wharton experience the best it can be.

The main ways we enhance community in Wharton include Traditions, clubs, and new initiatives. Traditions such as the Wharton 5K, Wharton Formal, and Business of Life Lecture are unique annual events that engage a wide variety of students and foster relationships between new and old friends alike. On the clubs front, we currently recognize and support 40+ different Wharton clubs that give students a chance to explore various areas of interest while meeting people with similar passions. We are constantly exploring new ideas and pursuing new initiatives to build a more rewarding Wharton experience. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, or concerns!


Michael Lentskevich & Adrian Massuet

Wharton Council Co-Chairs