Contingency Requests

Funding Request Form Spring 2023

● For non-budgeted items, ad-hoc events, or club banners, you can apply for WC Contingency Funds by submitting the contingency request form, which can be found here. Contingency requests must be submitted at least 15 days before the event.

● Only after a club exhausts all of its WC funding prior to the end of the semester, can they submit a contingency request for an impending event that has been included in their initial semester budget.

● Note that this is the only funding option available for Wharton Undergraduate Clubs currently in their trial period.

Limiting Principles of Contingency Funding

Relevance to Club Goals: Contingency funding requests for social events should be directly related to the general theme, culture, or goals of the club. Social events are defined as events where members gather to socialize, network, or engage in activities related to the club's mission but that are not academic in nature. Examples of social events may include dinners, parties, or outings. The funding request must include a clear explanation of how the event relates to the club's mission and how it will benefit its members. The maximum funding limit for social events is $20 per person.

Inclusivity & Accessibility of Events: Events that are exclusive to certain segments of the club, such as executive board or specific committee members, will not be funded. If a social event is to be funded, it must be accessible to all club members, and the funding request must include a detailed description of how the event will promote inclusivity and diversity.

Event and Catering Funding: Contingency funding for events can only be used for food catering, and not for other expenses such as venue rental, decorations, or entertainment. Catering is defined as the purchase and delivery of food to an event, and must not include the purchase of alcohol or other non-food items. The maximum funding limit for catering per person is $18.