2022-2023 Board Members

Rik Bag

Rik Bag (W'23) is a senior from Carmel, Indiana concentrating in Finance and Business Analytics with a minor in Chemistry. Outside of WAB, Rik is involved in Penn Dance Marathon, the Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club, the Wharton Executive MBA program, and the National Council of College Leaders for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation. In his free time, Rik enjoys coffee, playing tennis, travel, finding new music, and drinking LaCroix.

Alexa Grabelle

Alexa Grabelle (W'23) is a senior from Voorhees, New Jersey concentrating in Management with a minor in Creative Writing. Outside of WAB, Alexa is involved with the Sigma Eta Pi Entrepreneurship Fraternity, the Weiss Tech House Innovation Fund, and the Venture Lab Student Advisory Board. In her spare time, Alexa enjoys creative outlets like photography, writing, dance, and music as well as traveling and exploring entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Hunter Korn

Hunter Korn (W'23) is a senior from Greenwich, Connecticut concentrating in Finance and Management. Outside of WAB, Hunter is a part of Penn Players, Kesem at Penn, the Sigma Kappa Sorority, the Kite and Key Society, and Penn Hillel. She is interested in history, learning about technology, exploring social impact and responsibility, and anything involving theater and the performing arts.

Daniel McKeon

Daniel McKeon (W'23) is a senior from Vernon, New Jersey concentrating in Statistics and Finance. In addition to WAB, Dan is a Wharton Analytics Fellow and is involved in the Wharton Investments & Trading Group. In his spare time, Dan enjoys lifting, listening to music, and dabbling in DJing.

Andrew Spangler

Andrew Spangler (W' 23) is a senior from Rose Valley, Pennsylvania concentrating in Business Economics and Public Policy and minoring in Political Science. In addition to WAB, he is involved in 180 Degrees Consulting, the Kite & Key Society, the Wharton Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Group, the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, and the Penn Wind Ensemble. Andrew is also a Joseph Wharton and Benjamin Franklin Scholar. Andrew is interested in architecture, ESG and DEI, food, travel and hospitality and—by extension—Realtor.com.

Sam Mendelsohn

Sam Mendelsohn (W'24) is a junior from London, England concentrating in Finance and Operations, Information, and Decisions. In addition to WAB, Sam is a Wharton 1010 TA and is also a member of the Wharton Alumni Relations Council, Wharton Europe, Europenn, and the Penn Film Society. In his free time, Sam enjoys traveling, listening to music, playing board games, watching movies, and spending time with friends.

Philip Pan

Philip Pan (W'24) is a junior from Fairfax, Virginia concentrating in Finance and Statistics. Outside of WAB, he is involved in the Marketing Undergraduate Student Establishment Generalist Consulting, the Wharton Asia Exchange, Quaker Finance Group, and the Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity. In his free time, Philip enjoys traveling, coffee, swimming, completing the daily NYT Mini Crossword, and playing strategy board games.

Kendal Seymore

Kendal Seymore (W'24) is a junior from Chicago, Illinois concentrating in Finance and Business Analytics. In addition to WAB, he is a member of the Wharton Undergraduate Real Estate Club, The Ivy League Model United Nations Conference and the University of Pennsylvania Club Tennis Team. In his free he enjoys watching Formula 1, traveling, hiking, spending time with friends and exploring entrepreneurship.

Xavier Shankle

Xavier Shankle (W'24) is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia concentrating in Business Economics and Public Policy. Outside of WAB, Xavier is involved with Penn Student Government's Undergraduate Assembly and the Wharton STEP Network. Xavier is interested in aviation, learning more about DEI, shareholder engagement, political discussions, and staying updated on current events.

Elizabeth Weise

Elizabeth Weise (W'24) is a junior from New York, New York concentrating in Business Economics and Public Policy. In addition to WAB, Elizabeth is a member of the Penn Women's Squash team and a member of Wharton Undergraduates in Public Policy. She is also an SNF Paideia Fellow. In her spare time, Elizabeth likes to draw and go to Trader Joe's.

Shivani Desai

Shivani Desai (W'25) is a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia concentrating in Finance and Entrepreneurship with a minor in French. Outside of WAB, she works for Snider Consulting at Venture Lab and Financial Wellness @ Penn, and is involved with the Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, West Philadelphia Tutoring Project, & Wharton STEP Network. Shivani loves La Colombe, lifting, & learning new languages.

Lizzie Guan

Lizzie Guan (W'25) is a sophomore from West Chester, Pennsylvania looking to concentrate in Finance and management with a minor in Hispanic Studies. In addition to WAB, Lizzie is involved with Penn International Impact Consulting, Wharton Cohorts, Wharton Women, and Chi Omega sorority. In her spare time, Lizzie enjoys traveling, exploring the city, listening to music, and thrifting.

Caroline Keswin

Caroline Keswin (W'25) is a sophomore from New York, New York planning on concentrating in Finance and Business Analytics. In addition to WAB, she is a member of Wharton Wellness. In her spare time, Caroline enjoys traveling, skiing and snowboarding, playing board games, and watching New York sports.

Jayden Khuu

Jayden Khuu (W'25, NURS'25) is a sophomore from Hong Kong planning on pursuing both a degree in Nursing and a concentration in Healthcare Management, in addition to a minor in Nutrition. Outside of WAB, Jayden is also a member of the Kite and Key Society. He is an avid runner, frequent marathoner, a big fan of Harry Potter, and reading up on health research. He is always open to discussing how to better the human condition.

Hana Le

Hana Le (W'25) is a sophomore from Ruston, Louisiana interested in Management and Legal Studies and Business Ethics with a minor in Urban Studies. Outside of WAB, Hana is involved with Penn Student Government, the Wharton Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Group, and the Wharton STEP Network. Hana enjoys memoirs, exploring ESG, and curating niche Spotify playlists.

Citiana Belayneh

Citiana Belayneh (W'26, NURS'26) is a first-year from Bowie, Maryland planning on pursuing both a degree in Nursing and a concentration in Healthcare Management. Outside of WAB, Citiana is involved with Wharton Women, Black Wharton Consulting, Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club, Financial Literacy Outreach Club, and Community Champions. She enjoys vlogging, traveling, and painting.

Angela Cen

Angela Cen (W'26) is a first-year from Oakville, Ontario, Canada interested in Behavioral Economics and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In addition to WAB, she is a member of the Wharton Asia Exchange. In her free time, Angela enjoys playing tennis, listening to music, engaging in student advocacy, and reading the New York Times Modern Love column.

Amanda Hernandez

Amanda Hernandez (W'26) is a first-year from Weston, Florida interested in Marketing and Business Economics and Public Policy with a possible minor in Cinema and Media Studies. Outside of WAB, Amanda is involved with Wharton Cohorts and the Wharton Undergraduate Media and Entertainment Club. In her spare time, she enjoys arts and crafts, rock climbing, and spending time with her mini schnauzer, Sherlock.

Alivia Jiang

Alivia Jiang (W'26) is a first-year from Corning, New York, interested in studying Finance and Marketing with a minor in Urban Education. In addition to WAB, she works at Career Services and is involved in the West Philadelphia Tutoring Project as well as the Kite & Key Society. Alivia enjoys following runway fashion, drinking La Colombe, and stalking her friends' Spotify activity.

Bryce Li

Bryce Li (W'26, CAS'26) is a first-year from Broomfield, Colorado pursuing a degree in International Studies and a concentration in Finance. In addition to WAB, Bryce is involved with Wharton Investment & Trading Group, Penn International Impact Consulting, MUSE Consulting, and the Pan-Asian Dance Troupe. In his spare time, he enjoys freestyle swimming, freestyle rapping, freestyle dancing, and planking for extended periods of time.