The Wharton School | Groups

Projects in 2014

National Students of AMF 

Mission: Support students with ill or deceased parents.

Project: Implementation and roll-out strategy of workshops to universities and colleges.


Career Wardrobe

Mission:  Outreach for women.

Project:  Evaluate ways to improve profitability of clothing store.


CDCN (Castleman)

Mission: Medicine - Accelerate research, treatment and patient care for Castleman's disease (deadly hematologic disorder).

Project: Develop an Integrated Patient Engagement / Fundraising Plan based on market research. 


Center for Literacy

Mission: Education - Adult Literacy

Project: Business plan/market sizing study for the adult basic education training market. 


Clean Air Council

Mission: Environmental

Project: Marketing plan development


Minds Matter

Mission: Education - Mentor high-achieving, low income high school students to gain acceptance to college.

Project: Develop a strategic vision, which includes a benchmark against competitors, development of ideal long-term goals, and a plan to achieve long-term vision from fundraising, student experience, messaging, and brand recognition.


Power Up Gambia

Mission: Provide sustainable electricity through solar energy to improve healthcare delivery in Gambia.

Project: Fundraising - develop a comprehensive fundraising plan for $125,000. 


Theatre Horizon

Mission: Theatre Horizon creates a community of artists, students and audiences in which each member is encouraged to grow through theatre.

Project: Develop a marketing plan for the organization's next production.  Elements include conducting a ticket pricing analysis and identifying new channels for marketing the show to reach the target demographic.


University City Hospitality Coalition

Mission:  Provide food and services including health, dental, and legal for the homeless.

Project: Industry Overview - research current demographic of UCHC guests and similar organizations to identify best practices, compare and contrast similar organizations, and recommend where UCHC should focus to serve the "greatest needs" of the Philadelphia community.


Women's Way

Mission: Women's Advocacy and Education

Project: Branding / Marketing / Communications


Women's Therapy Center

Mission: Women's Therapy Center nurtures individual well-being and personal growth by providing high-quality, affordable psychotherapeutic services in a feminist environment.

Project: Create a multi-year business development and fundraising plan for Women's Therapy Center.  The plan will outline strategic objectives, target market segments, and financial goals through 2016, and provide an implementation roadmap to achieve these goals.