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A. Waiver

You must sign an additional waiver, found here. Please read it carefully then sign. E-mail a photo/scanned copy to Anil Lakehal-Ayat with the subject “Sparring Waiver”.

B. Etiquette and Rules of Conduct:
We want to have a sparring culture that is healthy, 100% safe, and fun for everyone.

The appropriate strength to spar is around 40% of your maximum effort. It's more about learning to move, react, develop techniques. Sparring is NOT the space to prove that you are tough. If you want to blow off some steam, you are welcome to use the punching bags.

The coaches and members of the boxing club board reserve the right to take off the ring (indefinitely too) whoever is not helping to keep the sessions safe and fun. Don’t be that person :) we are here to have fun.

C. Equipment:

You will NOT be able to spar without mouthguard, headgear, and groin protector. See the equipment page.

D. Instructions:
The coaches and board members will have a marker to sign up people on the whiteboard for sparring sessions in order of arrival. We want EVERYONE to have a chance to do it (who wants to)! And we don’t want a few people to monopolize the ring. Partners will go together according to size and skill.

You will have the chance to sign up for two consecutive two-minute sparring sessions. Then the next pair goes in. And you can go again once the list starts over from the top.

While you are not sparring, we will focus on exercises with partners, pad-work, and boxing technique.