Finance Committee

PUBS Finance offers critical analysis of the financial drivers of current biotech developments.

We are a team of students passionate about financial strategy and incentives across pharmaceutical, biotech, and other powers in the healthcare sector.

The team is led by Bianca Schilling, a major in Science, Technology, and Society; concentrating in Biotechnology and Biomedicine. Bianca holds a deep interest in the intersection of science and business and an endless curiosity for all biotechnologies that are coming down the pipeline of development. She has extensive experience in translational drug target research at the University of California San Francisco and the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Penn. Bianca is also a business development intern at the Wistar Institute, she is in the Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Venture Initiation Program, and a co-editor of Momentum: Journal of the Science, Technology, and Society major.


The finance committee keeps the rest of the PUBS team up to date with the technology landscape through talks and speaker events. All finance events are open to all, and gives everyone access to concise, actionable knowledge about the market.


The PUBS team organizes a number of speaker events and newsletters. These give exact figures and data, distributed over our mailing list and events, so that people can make informed market decisions and career choices.


With access to many of the finest minds in the field, the finance committee is able to forward various job and internship opportunities to the members of the club.