Harsha Ravindran



Harsha is a multiple award winning entrepreneur; a 3 times TEDx speaker and International Conference speaker; and recipient of the Diana Award for Young Changemakers in 2019. Other than being a junior at the College of Arts and Sciences, she is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ascendance – a global social enterprise that works with over 50,000 students across 26 countries that creates experiential learning opportunities for students to develop their entrepreneurial, financial literacy, work-ready, and sustainability skills, while working towards launching their own careers and social enterprises. She also founded the start-up, StartMyName.com, which does fast, simple template websites. They currently have over 400+ clients across 4 continents. Harsha is also the author of the book 'The Makings of A Teenage Entrepreneur', which was released in 2021. In 2022, she was also listed on Prestige Malaysia’s 40 Under 40’s List of Malaysia’s most successful, innovative and influential young people and was also selected as a Skoll Fellow from the Skoll Foundation, USA.

Levina La



Levina is a sophomore in Wharton concentrating in Finance and Business Analytics. Originally from the Bay Area, she is passionate about the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship– with a focus on consumer tech. Outside of WUEC, Levina is involved in MUSE, Wharton Asia Investments, and the Wharton Undergraduate Energy Group. In her free time, she enjoys going to Center City, making Spotify playlists, and trying new foods.

Kenedy Quandt


VP of Outreach

Kenedy is a sophomore studying Economics and minoring in Real Estate Development alongside Cinema Studies. She is extremely passionate about using entrepreneurship to facilitate social change and understand consumer behavior. Outside of WUEC, Kenedy acts as a committee leader in Scholars of Finance, a member of Sparks Dance Company, Alpha Phi’s Director of Philanthropy, and the leader of her own Women-focused nonprofit. In her spare time, Kenedy adores traveling, spending time with friends, and rewatching Friends.

Olivia Turman


VP of External Relations

Olivia is a sophomore in Wharton pursuing a concentration in Business Economics and Public Policy. She is originally from a small town called Barboursville in West Virginia. Outside of WUEC, Olivia is involved in Wharton Council, the Kite and Key Tour Guide Society, and she works at Williams Cafe on campus. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, exploring the outdoors, and playing trivia games.

Liana Rodriguez


VP of Tech

Liana is a sophomore in Wharton studying Finance (Quantitive Track) and Data Science. Last summer, she interned at Castleton Commodities International LLC in the Data Science department and next summer she will be joining Advent International as a Private Equity Summer Analyst. In her free time, she enjoys boxing, film photography, and hiking expeditions.

Ashna Khemani


Workshops Chair

Ashna is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics. Her love for entrepreneurship stems from a belief that science’s goal is to help those who need it most and enhance the human experience. She is interested in exploring the uses of robotics, aerospace, and machine learning in places like humanitarian efforts and space exploration. When she isn’t in class or planning WUEC events, you’ll find her hiking, listening to music, playing piano, and exploring Philly restaurants with her friends.

Ben Samahon

VP of Marketing

Hannah Kim



Hannah Kim is a first-year student who currently plans to pursue Economics and Political Science. She looks forward to growing more involved in the realm of entrepreneurship, beginning with her own startup venture in the near future. As an avid learner, Hannah is passionate about market research and enjoys exploring the ESG sector as well as social enterprises. Her hobbies include filming and editing videos, shopping, and writing poetry.

Jack Patel


Chair of Outreach

Jack is a freshman from Dothan, Alabama, studying Economics and Psychology. Outside of WUEC, Jack is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Board (Executive Board), Wharton Hedge Fund Club (Long/Short Equities Team), Penn Center for Positive Psychology (Research Assistant), and Penn Club Water Polo Team. In his free time, Jack loves to run, swim, listen to country music, and spend time with friends.

Harjasan Singh


VP of Finance

Harjasan is a freshman studying Finance and Statistics at Wharton. He is a proud resident of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and an avid supporter of the Milwaukee Bucks. Beyond academics and finance, Harjasan is passionate about soccer, cooking, astrophotography, and basketball. He is the Vice President of Finance on the Penn Class Board ‘27, part of WITG (Real Estate) and Wharton Hedge Fund Club (Long/Short Equities). His ambition is to make a significant impact on Wall Street but also to eventually use his expertise to influence the political & entrepreneurial world.

Harrison Chong


Finance Chair

Harrison is a freshman from Singapore studying MEAM. He has a keen passion for entrepreneurship and has a varied background in various organizations’ leadership. In his free time, he enjoys playing for the Penn Club Baseball team and haircutting.

Alex Le Blanc


Events Chair

Alex is a freshman from Chicago studying Economics. She is passionate about innovative entrepreneurship and enjoys helping others explore and pursue entrepreneurial ventures. Outside of WUEC, Alex is involved in the Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club, the Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club, Kesem, and the Angaza Center. She loves playing piano, going to the gym, and traveling to different places with her friends and family.