Our Committees

WUEC consists of six committees for members to get involved in



The Events committee orchestrates speaker series, entrepreneurial initiatives, tech treks, pitch competitions, and social events. They are keen on event/project ideation and planning, connecting with entrepreneurs, coordinating with all other committees, and making things happen!


Finance and Sponsorship

The Finance Committee creates and maintains budget plan for each semester and seeks out sponsorship funding and maintains strategic partnerships. They are looking for outgoing people who are passionate about entrepreneurship and the funding process.


The Tech Committee is responsible for planning Pitch competitions, hosting virtual events, managing the website, and developing technology. Members build and execute semester long technology passion projects -- developing startups, and conducting analysis in a variety of sectors -- and lead tech advising for the WUEC accelerator, identifying and implementing tech-related advancements in student ventures.


The Marketing Committee plans, designs and distributes all marketing materials (e.g. event flyers, logo, etc.); runs Entrepreneurship News and Entrepreneur of the Week projects; manages WUEC’s social media accounts (FB, Instagram, listserv); and designs club merch. They are looking for those excited about sharing entrepreneurship with the rest of Penn [can be involved through: writing, designing, planning].


The Outreach Committee helps WUEC connect with external groups and personnel, such as future speakers and sponsors. It also helps entrepreneurs with traction on their ventures navigate the University's abundant resources for founders. In addition to these initiatives, the Outreach committee is pursuing a long-term project to create a platform for Penn founders to meet co-founders and future employees. Prospective members should be eager to network, cold-email, and innovate!


The GMB committee fosters an inclusive, collaborative, and productive environment for all GBM members -- planning and executing GBM meetings, and providing resources for GBM members to plan their own initiatives.

External Relations

The External Relations plans recruitment events, including info sessions; fields collaboration requests from external companies and organizations; and works with other committees to ensure the smooth execution of events.