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  • Wharton Male Allies: Gender Equality Initiative

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    By becoming a member of Wharton Male Allies, you are indicating your commitment to the below pledge:

    As a Wharton Male Allies (“WMA”) member, I agree that gender equality benefits everyone, and I acknowledge WMA’s role as part of the Initiative for Gender Equality of Wharton Women in Business. I pledge to partner with women and other allies to seek to:
    • respect people of all gender identities as equals;
    • identify and mitigate sexism and gender bias; and
    • advocate for gender equality in my workplace, home, and communities (including Wharton).
    I recognize the challenge of this pledge, and I agree to openly discuss with others how my and their actions support or undermine this pledge.

    Everyone is welcome to join for free! Those identifying as male allies should select the "male ally" membership option. Other advocates for gender equality should select the corresponding option.

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