Club Description


We are a club of restaurant lovers, cooking aficionados, and eating enthusiasts. The Wharton Food Club is dedicated to enabling Wharton students to make the most of their Philadelphia food experience! We are all about enjoying fine food of both the professionally-prepared and home-made varieties. Whether or not you're the one doing the cooking, the WFC will make sure you are well fed.

Recognizing that most Wharton students are headed towards successful futures and that great food is a perk of those futures, the Wharton Food Club exists to educate people new to the culinary arts, continue to motivate those already addicted to the enjoyment of eating, and provide a forum for information exchange and network around a common interest – food.

Club Mission

To bring people together to eat, drink and be merry over a delicious meal. 

To experience new cultures through its food, the staple/common tie between them all. 

To expose all those who like to eat to the vast world of culinary arts.

To give gastroholics and foodies a channel to express and explore their passion. 

To teach all levels of chefs basic to advanced skills to spice up their own home cooked meals.

Club Activities

The Culinary Club has activities for every interest...

If you like to eat: Discounted prix fixe multi course dinners at some of Philly’s best restaurants such as Zahav, Fork, James; Student dinner party series—enjoy your classmates’ gourmet cooking!, Breakfasts at Lacroix, Themed potluck dinner parties

If you like to cook or want to learn: Hands-on cooking classes covering both basics and more advanced skills, Pastry demonstrations at Four Seasons, Student dinner series—be the chef!, Student cooking demonstrations, Potluck dinner parties

If you want to explore Philadelphia: Dinners at restaurants off the beaten path in neighborhoods such as Bella Vista, Old City, South Philly and West Philly; talks with restaurateurs; Private tour of Reading Terminal Market and the Italian Market

If you want to meet new people: Restaurant prix fixe dinners, Student dinner party series, Holiday dessert potluck party, Afternoon tea at Four Seasons, flavor tripping parties