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Welcome to the Wharton Politics & Public Policy Club!

Our Mission: We believe future business leaders must be engaged in public policy issues for our society to thrive, whether by actively shaping policy or simply by being an informed voter and citizen. The Politics & Public Policy Club increases awareness and discussion of domestic and international public policy issues, provides opportunities for interested students to connect socially, and is an avenue for students to pursue careers in government, politics, and public policy.

What we do: We plan events for members to talk politics, learn more about key issues, and meet others interested in politics and policy. Our events include Career Treks to policy-oriented organizations in Washington, D.C. and New York, Social Gatherings for major political events, Debate Dinners to discuss policy topics, and Lunch & Learns focused on increasing education and debate over policy issues and political elections.

Why you should join: Our club is fun, social, and offers an easy and engaging way to talk about politics, current events, and policy with your classmates. The fee is only $20, and goes largely towards buying lunch for Lunch & Learns and subsidizing Dinner Debates. It also helps pay for our Career Treks. In short, our Club is a low-investment way to get smart on current events and politics, and have a great time doing it. We hope you'll join us!

Want to know more? E-mail our Co-Presidents, Lorelei Gaus ( or Jun Yoon ( with any questions. We'd love to hear from you!