Hi. We're GUIDE.

Wharton Guiding Undergraduates in Development and Education (Wharton GUIDE) was founded in 2013 to promote personal development and growth in undergraduates at The Wharton School.

We are predominantly known for our MBA-Undergrad mentorship programming.

Starting from an initial cohort of 233 in 2013, today, Wharton GUIDE is a Wharton Undergraduate Division (G95) sponsored organization with over 1,200 members and is the largest MBA-Undergraduate student group at Wharton.

What drives us

Our Purpose

To guide undergraduates in their personal development and educational endeavors through their time at Wharton and beyond

Our Mission

GUIDE empowers undergraduates with opportunities that expand their perspectives, foster a sense of community, and challenge them to grow

Our Vision

To foster a community of leaders, ready to make their mark on the world

Our Values

It's About People

We can't do this without our people: our colleagues and our community. We build and elevate others, treating them with empathy and kindness along the way.

Stronger Together

We are greater than the sum of our parts. We are team players and take pride in attracting talented, passionate, and diverse leaders who have the potential to be better than ourselves. At every stage, we invest in our people so that they can be the best they can be.

Have Fun

Joy brings out the best in us. We crack jokes, play games, and bring positivity to the world. We are grateful for every moment we have together and make them count.

Strive For The Best

Nothing but the best will do. We encourage each other to be the best that we can be and uphold ourselves to the highest of standards.

Own It

We are leaders responsible and accountable for our collective success. We can depend on each other and are ready to help each other thrive.

Unmute Yourself

Communication is what brings us together. We are clear communicators who speak up and share our perspectives on issues that matter.

Keep On Growing

We are open to new ideas and curious about the world around us. We inspire each other to grow and maximize our potential.

Make the Leap

We are not afraid to take calculated risks, to try new things, and to be bold in our thinking if that means we can be extraordinary together.