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Wharton GUIDE (Guiding Undergraduates In their Development and Education) is a divison-sponsored student organization dedicated to connecting the Wharton undergraduate and MBA communities by fostering meaningful relationships through one-on-one mentorship. GUIDE matches Juniors with 1st year MBAs and Seniors with 2nd year MBAs to allow mentorship pairs to graduate with each other and align the timing of challenges faced by mentors/mentees, such as recruiting and relocating after graduation.

Our Values
Personal Development: Dedication to maximizing potential
Knowledge: The pursuit of understanding, skill, and expertise to advance continual learning
Community: Serving and supporting a collaborative purpose
Helping Others: Helping people attain their goals, providing care and support
Responsibility: Dependability, accountability for results
Enjoyment: We're not doing it right unless we're having fun

For more information on how to get involved in GUIDE, please contact:

MBA Presidents: Megan Cody (

                  Madhav Nandipati (

Undergrad President: Rae Peterson (