Vision and Pillars

Our vision

Wharton Christian Fellowship is a group of MBA students striving to reflect God in all areas of their lives and in particular their professional ones. The WCF mission is to explore the intersection of Christian faith and business, to provide a fun and supportive social community, and to provide an environment for students and partners to explore and develop their faith

Our Pillars and Priorities

Connecting/Community: We're involved in each other's lives ,seeking to spend time together through small group meals, hangouts, retreats, and other social activities

Serving/Witnessing: We share the life we know through our words and actions. We seek to care for one another’s needs and be a blessing to the Wharton community outside the WCF

Teaching: We learn and apply biblical teachings to our lives. We study the Word together, and we prioritize members also getting spiritually fed at local churches in Philadelphia.

Discipling: We create an environment for building intentional relationships with one another through community groups, where we can share our struggles, encourage one another, equip one another with the Spirit, and point each other to Christ.