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Move on Up: Plant-Based Protein and Meat Alternatives, Pt. 1 Event Logo

Thu, Dec 10, 2020

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST (GMT-5)

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The COVID-era reporting around the American meat industry has not been positive over the past few months. Some of the darker sides of the meat industry have been brought in to light—the close proximity of workers in slaughterhouse and animal welfare issues, among others—and reinforced some other facts the public has known, particularly surrounding the industry’s contribution to greenhouse gases.

Despite consumers’ reawakened consciousness of meat production, sales of meat have continued to increase. There is a lot of research that moral arguments aren’t as effective as we think, so it’s not surprising that beef is still what’s for dinner on many plates.

Join WAFS and Cargill, Good Food Institute, and Unovis Asset Management for a two part series on the future of plant-based protein and meat alternatives. In this first session, we will offer a primer on how meat alternatives derived from vegetables, beans, and grains are made, and then answer some of the trickier questions related to this sub-sector.

How could alternative proteins change soybean and other supply chains, and what could happen to all the land on which animals have historically grazed?
How are the nutrients from meat incorporated into alternatives, and is the product as healthy or healthier? When alternative proteins are scaled, will consumers still have to pay a premium? And what are some of the animal welfare and ethical concerns around “lab-grown” meat?

A $15 meal delivery service credit will be provided to ten dues-paying WAFS members.

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