Careers in Future Mobility - 2Y Panel

by Future Mobility Club

Career Workshop Career(s) Education Recruiting

Tue, Sep 26, 2023

12 PM – 1 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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The Future Mobility Club is organizing a Panel on Careers in Future Mobility for 1Ys recruiting for internships and 2Ys interested in recruiting full time in the industry. The panelists are 2Y MBAs who interned in exciting future mobility companies like Cruise, GM, Xos Trucks, and Toyota, and will discuss their internship experience, roles in the industry, and best practices to navigate the recruitment process. This event is open to all, and future events will only be open to members of the Future Mobility Club. 

Tentative panel -
- Matt Cullom (Commercial Strategy, Cruise)
- Tooba Ali (Commercial Operations, Cruise)
- Kumar Sambhava (Product Management, Cruise)
- Xinyun Dong (Product Management, Toyota Research Institute)
- Serena Dong (Strategy, Xos Trucks)
- Matt Chang (Corporate Strategy, GM)

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