Join Us for this year's exciting Block Build in Mantua!

The RtP club provides excellent opportunities for first year leadership and a chance for Wharton students and partners to give back to the West Philadelphia community. Your work makes a difference - through your "sweat equity" and donated goods and services, RTP is able to perform critical home repairs for only 20% of what they would otherwise cost.

First years, get great leadership experience as a Cluster Coordinator or House Manager. See below for more information on these great leadership opportunities to your resume.

Everyone, mark your calendars now to participate in the Block Build weekends March 28/29 and April 4/5, and be sure to join the club via Wharton Groups to receive all future updates via email!

For more information about opportunities to get involved, please contact Tiago Correia, VP of Marketing and Recruiting.

Cluster Coordinator

The Cluster Coordinator's main role is to recruit house managers and volunteers for the block build. Cluster coordinators can also play the role of house manager if they choose. We are seeking one First Year coordinator from each cluster. This role provides a great opportunity to rally support from your cluster - the cluster with the most volunteers will win points toward the Cluster Cup!

House Manager

House Managers are responsible for coordinating and managing the repairs scheduled for one out of the many homes that Rebuilding Together Philadelphia picks for its Block Build in the spring. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Working with homeowner and skilled contractor to identify essential home repairs and materials needed to perform them
  • Finalizing work scope and paperwork with homeowner
  • Visiting Lowe's to purchase materials for the repairs (RTP pays for the materials)
  • Work with cluster coordinator to recruit and organize volunteers for the block build weekends in March and April