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Renewable Energy Finance Training

by Energy Club


Wed, Jan 12, 2022

11 AM – 1:30 PM EST (GMT-5)

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Second session: Jan. 21st (10am to 5pm EST)

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We are excited to be able to host this training! The training will provide a foundational understanding of the industry, how these projects are financed and excel modeling used to evaluate profitability. The skills from the training are broadly applicable to however you plan to be involved in the energy industry. It will consist of two separate sessions: an earlier, shorter session to ask questions and prepare for FRP (MBA recruiting) and a more substantive, longer session after semester begins. Both sessions are included with your ticket, and the sessions are not duplicative.
- Jan 12, 2021 (11am to 1:30pm EST)
- Jan 21, 2021 (10am to 5pm EST)

The training will be led by Mazars, an industry leading organization that offers training from skilled investment professionals. Mazars has trained over 15,000 individuals from firms and peer schools. All training is developed and delivered by the Energy, Infrastructure and Environment team, who have practical sector experience.

In addition to our two formal sessions, in mid-February, Mazars will also host an in-person Q&A and industry topics session for attendees.

Training sessions will consist of presentation, Q&A and instructor-led energy project finance modeling. Specific topics will include:
• Renewable energy industry overview and relevance of project financing to build projects (may cover traditional solar / wind, distributed generation, storage or any topical information)
• Project finance vs corporate finance
• Renewable/ energy project timeline overview
• Cash flow profile of energy project
• Renewable energy industry players - summary of return requirements vs types of companies involved
• Integration of key terms definitions (DSCR, CFADS, P50 generation, etc)
• Market participants - funding providers for these projects with information on their target returns, etc.
• Key elements: breaking down contracts (e.g. PPAs), allocation of risks in project, terms in engineering reports useful for understanding/financing
• Financial modeling - translating contracts into excel formulas to evaluate returns
• Considering tax equity for renewable projects / recent legislation
• Project Finance modeling best practices and analysis of outputs
• Typical energy prices / ranges and advice on market data sources
• Take-home overview materials and blank/completed models for practice

Sessions will be recorded.