Grade Non-Disclosure Policy

To promote cooperative spirit and emphasize long-term learning, in January 1994, Wharton MBA students agreed that academic grades should be separated from the recruiting process. In February 2006, this policy was updated by referendum and is reaffirmed annually under the current language stated below.


Wharton Student Body Statement of Grade Non-Disclosure

We, as the Wharton student body, believe that learning is at the heart of the MBA experience and are committed to providing a positive learning environment for everyone. As a means to that end, grades should be kept separate from the recruiting process. Student grade non-disclosure promotes risk-taking, teamwork, experiential learning, and community building while preventing over-reliance on metrics that may be imperfect predictors of job performance.

As such, we agree to the following two principles:

  1. Students are asked to refrain from disclosing GPAs, specific class grades, class ranking, or transcripts to potential employers until a full-time position has been offered.
  2. We celebrate the achievement of those among us with exceedingly distinctive academic performance and therefore all academic honors such as Director’s List, First Year Honors, and TA experiences may be disclosed to potential employers.

A student, and only a student, has the individual right to decide whether or not to disclose his or her academic performance. We as a student body choose grade non-disclosure as a collective norm, and ask that students abide by the majority will of their peers and respect the spirit of the Wharton experience. Potential employers are requested to respect each individual student’s choice.



This is a student-led, voluntary initiative. As such, students have chosen to re-affirm their commitment to this statement on an annual basis. Specifically,

  • There will be a school-wide referendum between November 10 and 20 of each year.
  • The referendum will re-affirm this statement only if:
    1. At least one-half (50%) of the student body (including both First and Second years) participates.
    2. At least two-thirds (66.7%) of participants vote to maintain grade non-disclosure.
  • If either element fails to achieve the requisite participation figures, another vote must be held within three (3) months. If at that time the referendum again fails, this grade non-disclosure statement will be struck from the bylaws and rendered obsolete.

The WGA Executive Council can propose changes to the grade non-disclosure statement. Such changes will be implemented upon an affirmative vote in a special school-wide referendum (as described above). The WGA Executive Council reserves the power to determine the administration of the grade non-disclosure statement.

The Wharton statement of grade non-disclosure is the responsibility of the WGA. Specifically, the WGA is responsible for:

  • Educating the Wharton student body on grade non-disclosure history, philosophy, and issues (including providing answers to frequently asked questions).
  • Administering the annual vote and any special referendums.
  • Acting as a resource that students can turn to when resolving any disclosure related issues with prospective employers.
  • Supporting each student’s individual choice of whether or not to disclose grades.